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Are you searching for new ways to achieve your sales objectives and goals as you are frustrated by the lack of sales and lack of income?

If you are ready to overcome sales objections and build the life you want and always dreamed of...then this is the book you need, whether you are a salesperson, entrepreneur, solopreneur, executive manager or a self-employed person.

This eBook will guide you through the stepping stones of selling while teaching you how to attract and complete sales with an outcome of understanding sales, your product and your customer. It will provide you with the ability to utilise profitable skills in everyday sales.

Dr Terence McIvor, Neuro Linguistic Programming practitioner, Ofqual Accredited Expert & CEO of the Sales Doctor Academy, provides proven secret sales techniques that are perfect for anyone to get more leads, secure more appointments, improve your sales skills and increase your sales...this eBook is the blueprint!

With these 7 secret sales triggers, you will be able to negotiate successfully and handle objections like a boss.

In this book you will learn:

  • Secret number one....Open Up to Connect
  • Secret number two...Love at First Sale
  • Secret number three...Conversation over Silence
  • Secret number four...Desire over need
  • Secret number five...I object to that!
  • Secret number six...Heed the Need
  • Secret number seven...Value Proposition

Once you have mastered the science of selling, you will never be without money again!

7 Secret Sales Triggers Which Make People Buy From You

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