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The Sales Doctor

Dr Terence McIvor is a Neuro Linguistic Programming practitioner and has spent many years involved in sales & CEO of the The Sales Doctor Academy. He is a professional certified member of the Achology: The Academy for Modern Applied Psychology as a certified Master Practitioner. Dr. McIvor is a member and Master Practitioner of the International Guild for NLP. He is also a Certified: 

Dr. Terence McIvor also holds the following professional Certificates:


  • Coaching and Mentoring

  • Developing Influencing Skills for Leadership

  • Problem Solving Skills with Critical Analysis

  • Managing Anxiety at Work

  • Effective Communication Strategies

  • Psychotherapist

Dr. Terence McIvor

Dr. McIvor is a professional member of the International Association of the Therapists.  


He has held numerous executive and hands-on roles in academia for over 25 years. He attended the University of Ulster and graduated in 1996 with a BSc with honours in Applied Biochemical Sciences with Business and a Diploma in Industrial Studies.


Dr. McIvor continued to pursue his studies and ultimately earned PhDs in Chemistry and Chemical Education (Physical).

He Moved into the B-STEMM industry in 2017 where he set up his own Business within STEMM Academy called AISR. This academy is fully accredited internationally by Manipur International University (MIU). This Academy helps entrepreneurs who wish to set up their own businesses in the Tech sector. Dr Mcivor moved into Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and is helping people increase sales and developing sales confidence using these NLP tools.

Due to the increased demand for clients wishing to increase sales the "Sales Doctor" was then born and a new training program to enable salespeople to increase their sales numbers using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) was developed, along with other scientific techniques. Terry is currently writing a book which gives expert advice on how to best brand your company whilst increasing your sales.


He also joined numerous organizations as he grew professionally, including but not limited to the British Computer Society, The Prince's Trust (in which he served as a mentor), and the Institute of American Chemists (at which he was a Fellow). In 1997 Dr. McIvor joined a local community college as a lecturer and worked his way up to become the Curriculum Manager for the college's science and maths departments.


He has now left and set up his own B-STEMM Academy and the Sales Doctor clinic situated in Clarendon s.t , Londonderry, N Ireland. Also available online. Dr. Terence McIvor works on professional training and research internationally. He is an accredited expert working with OFQUAL which is the UK's qualifications regulator.

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