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The Sales Doctor Neuro-Sensory Psychology, Hypnotherapy and Chronic Pain  Reprocessing Clinic for Entrepreneurs and Business Professionals.

We Help YOU


Develop Bulletproof Emotional Resilience and Foster Positive Change at an Identity Level

So YOU Can Be Strong, Calm, Powerful, and Successful

No Matter What Situation YOU Find Yourself In.



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Are you tired of feeling like you're stuck in a rut and cannot seem to get ahead? Have you used every coaching technique known to man yet are still experiencing stuckness? Then You require the   SynapGen-NSP Coaching System, a revolutionary approach that will completely transform your life.


The SynapGen-NSP coaching experience targets the fundamental core of the human experience; therefore, stop concentrating on tactics or approaches that treat the surface of the problem. The SynapGen-NSP coaching experience will teach you to take control of YOUR  Mind, Consciousness, and Thought, using Neuro Linguistic, Hypnotherapy and Neurosensory Psychology with Neuroscience applications for Coaching.  You will understand what governs your ideas, feelings, and behaviours.

You'll be astounded at how quickly you'll comprehend the inner workings of your mind in depth and discover how your thoughts affect your reality. With this knowledge, you'll be able to release limiting beliefs that have been holding you back for too long and tap into your inner creativity and insight.


The real kicker is that applying the SynapGen-NSP to your life can revolutionise it in ways you can't even begin to conceive. You'll feel like you can take on the world thanks to the newfound peace, clarity, and purpose you'll have. You won't be hesitant or uncertain any longer, and you'll be prepared to face any obstacle that life offers you with confidence and ease.


Don't put off releasing yourself from the restraints that have been on you any longer. Take advantage of the SynapGen-NSP potential today to make your life the vivid, thrilling trip it was meant to be!

The SalesDoctor Clinic can also help business professionals or entrepreneurs battling chronic pain. Is it affecting your productivity and hindering your success? Chronic Pain Reprocessing (CPR) might be the breakthrough you need. Only for those without structural damage to their body. You must have had a complete medical checkup and cleared for any structural bodily damage before being considered for this treatment. 

This treatment is for those with Psychosomatic origins of chronic pain.

CPR is more than a treatment. It's a revolutionary understanding of pain management, firmly grounded in cutting-edge somatic awareness hypnotherapy and neuroscience. It's not about merely addressing symptoms; it's about reconfiguring your brain's interpretation of pain signals.

Here's the game changer: our brains are designed to learn, including deciphering signals from our bodies. Unfortunately, our brains can sometimes misconstrue harmless signals as pain. With CPR, you can disrupt these counterproductive patterns.

Chronic Pain Reprocessing is about self-empowerment. It equips you with the necessary tools to rewrite your pain narrative. Through targeted exercises and a customized action plan, you can start responding to your body's signals differently, thereby reducing the pain you experience.

CPR isn't a quick fix but offers a sustainable and significant solution. As you navigate the process, you might discover that you're reprocessing your pain and redefining your life and business.

Picture a life where pain doesn't dictate your daily agenda. Imagine feeling more at ease in your body, having more stamina to pursue your business goals, and knowing that you possess the power to influence your pain.  That's the potential of Chronic Pain Reprocessing.

Are you ready to regain control and unlock your full business potential? The journey to a more productive and less pain-filled life starts with CPR.

Check out this link for my Pain Reprocessing Therapy Practitioner directory listing.

Then, You can start with the SalesDoctor.

Our staff comprises specialists committed to your success and energetic and enthusiastic. We'll work with you to discover your specific difficulties and objectives and develop a tailored strategy to assist you in achieving them, whether you're a sole proprietor or a member of a large sales team.

Why then wait? The Sales Doctor is where your path to high income begins.

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Don't wait another day to take charge of your emotional resilience and sales success.

How We Help


Improving Your Sales Performance Using Neuro Linguistic Programming

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a powerful sales psychology and using NLP as part of your sales strategy will help improve your communication skills, build rapport and understand your customer, so You can Increase YOUR SALES!

Enhancing Sales with Hypnotherapy

Are you looking to build a high-impact sales force and to improve your sales team's performance? I will help you identify sales strategies, and teach you key skills in setting strategies.

You will walk away with a practical, comprehensive toolkit to foster consistent innovation in your organisation for improved business performance.

SynapGen™ Transformational Coaching

Pay attention, all you ambitious people! Is it time for you to stop holding yourself back and finally thrive? Do you want to go on the ride of your life? If you answered yes, buckle up because the SynapGen ™ Somatic Awareness Hypnotherapy, Neurosensory and Neuroscience-based Coaching Programme will take you there.

This course is not for the weak of heart; only those desperate to achieve their goals should enrol. We use cutting-edge and neuroscience-based coaching approaches to help you improve in areas like time management, personal branding, networking, decision making, and more.

But this isn't your average mentoring scheme. You can count on this programme to completely transform your life. You will discover methods for achieving the success you've always imagined for yourself, regardless of the challenges you've faced. And with our help, you'll maintain your drive, concentration, and progress towards your objectives.

Say YES to the SynapGen™  Neuroscience-based Coaching Programme to take your life to the next level. Stop procrastinating and start enjoying your life now. Learn more and join the adventure of a lifetime by clicking the link below!

Employee Wellness Programme

Employees, please read this! Are you prepared to take your business to the next level by establishing a positive, productive, and pleasant work environment? Workplace tension might finally be put to rest thanks to EMPLOYEE WELLNESS PROGRAMMES.

According to studies, work-related stress is becoming more common and significant. Heart attacks, high blood pressure, and other cardiovascular diseases are only some of the consequences of this. However, our state-of-the-art wellness packages may help you reduce these dangers to workers' health and boost morale.

Benefits of our EMPLOYEE WELLNESS PROGRAMMES include a happier and more engaged workforce, lower absenteeism and turnover rates, more productivity, higher morale, and greater job satisfaction. You will establish a culture of well-being and demonstrate your concern for the health and happiness of your staff by encouraging stress-reduction strategies like meditation and mindfulness.

Don't allow tension in the office to slow you down any longer. The moment has come to enjoy the rewards of a happier, healthier, and more productive workforce. Learn more about our EMPLOYEE WELLNESS PROGRAMMES by clicking the link below, and take the first step towards making your workplace a place where people can thrive, feel good about themselves, and like coming to work.


Get your free copy of the 7 Secret Sales Trigger which Make People Buy from You!

Let’s face it...

Struggling with lead generation is pretty miserable.


And this even causes stress on your relationships, both business and personal.

Well, I’m here to tell you something...

It doesn’t need to be this way.



Our dynamic team will insure that you hit your goals and strive for excellence within your life, in order to fulfil your potential. 

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